Holiday Plans

Gede: What will you do in this weekend?

Nur: I am not sure. Maybe taking a drive to the beach.

Gede: I was thinking of taking a drive to the beach too!

Nur: Wow, That's good! With whom will you go?

Gede: I'll go with my friends, Would you be interested in joining me?

Nur: Sure, I would love to go with you. When would you be leaving?

Gede: I thought that we could leave around 8:00 on Saturday morning.

Nur: That would give us plenty of time to explore. Did you know that there is a music festival on the beach in Pangandaran?

Gede: That was part of my plan.

Nur: Well then, I'll see you on Saturday. Thanks for asking me to go with you.

Gede: OK! You're welcome!


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