My Experience


Some day when i was a child, my mother and i went to a mall. I dont remember my age when that incident happen, maybe when i was 4 or 5. I dont remember where's the mall too. So, as usually my mother went out for shopping and bought some needs. Me, as a little child can only follow my mother from behind.
And then, when i enter the mall, i see a huge escalator, very high and long. I'm so afraid, i hope my mother didn't go up to 2nd floor. But, it will definitely happen. At first, i feel relieved beacuse my mother just shopping around 1st floor. Several minutes passed, as expected my mother going to the escalator to reach 2nd floor. I'm not afraid when i ascending the escalator now, because it's from the 1st floor, not high.
And then, when my mother finished shopping in the second floor. We are descend to 1st floor, i hate the huge escalator, because i afraid to heights. I can't step my foot to the escalator, i can't do it. And then my mother tread her foot to the escalator and said " hey, quick!". I still can't step to the escalator, beacause i'm afraid. My mother just reach the 1st floor, but me, still in the second floor. And then i crying, i'm so confused. After that, there's a man stand behind me with a smile. He carried me up to across through the escalator and he said "Don't cry, little boy..." But, i still crying because i just a little kid, just crying crying and crying. When i reach the 1st floor, my mother say thank to that man. So embarrassing.


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