Basic Leadership Training ( LDKS )

Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa ( LDKS ) SMAN 3 Bandung
Basic Leadership Training

Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa also known as LDKS is a leadership training which the purpose of the training is to improve the leadership skill and improve the nationalist sense. LDKS is an annual program. This year, LDKS held in Pussenif, Pussenif means Pusat Kesenjataan Infanteri ( Infantry Weaponry Central ) start from 21st till 23rd September. Yes, it was held for 3 days.

At the first day, we divided into 10 groups and after that, we held an opening ceremony. After the ceremony is over, we all watching some presentation from the military. It took a long time, maybe 3-8 hours. There are 3 different presentation, it was very boring but we must watch the presentation beacuse it has important knowledge for us.

When midday, after the first presentation finished, we all take a lunch. I hate this moments. The trainer demand to straighten our body when we were eat the lunch, its very hard to eat my food like this. Many rice fall from the spoon, i didn't enjoy this lunch.

When we are LDKS, mostly we are do a line of march training, it's very exhausting for me. Because i rarely do a activity like this. Exciting, but exhausting.

In the 2nd night, we are do a "Jurit Malam" in the Tomb of Heroes. And how lucky i am, my class do "Jurit Malam" in the middle of the night, between 23.00 till 24.00. My class is the last one. It was very dark! I do "Jurit Malam" with Ilyasa and I Gede. When we were passing trough the cemetry,  there are some challenge from my senior and the military. I wont forget this moment!

In the last day, we are do an outbound, it was very exciting, but exhausting too. It was our last activity, it was held from 8 am 'till noon. Mostly, I can do the outbound activity, I can't do the "Jaring Pendarat" and "Lempar Kapak ( Axe Throwing )".  It's fun. I like this.

After that, we are watching G30S/PKI documenter movie. Bahh... It was very boring! Small sound! Low quality pixel! I feel so sleepy, anddd this movie has 3 hours duration! Wait and waiting, take a nap, wake up again, sleep again, wake up again, till the movie end.

And the last activity is closing ceremony. When closing ceremony held, there were many parents waiting behind the field ceremony. They were waiting his/her lovely son/daughter. They were clap their hand when saw us do a PBB ( line of march ) movement. This is like a surprise for them. Show them the results of LDKS.


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