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Make a dialog : Offer & Suggestion

Juan Agiel M.S act as Coach,Commentator
Nur Rizki M act as Boxer
Referee -

Commentator :"Here is the World MMA Boxing Champion Nur Rizki. Today he will be fight against a Satpam."
Commentator :"Round 1 start."

Comentator :"in the end of first round Nur Rizki get punch right in his face and now he prepare his next move in the right corner." -Round 1 End- Coach :"Should i take an ice cube for you?" Boxer :"YES, that's what i need !" Coach :"Here take it, listen listen you want win ? you want win ? if you want to win go and give him your powerfull punch, you got it ?" Boxer :"YES,COACH." Commentator :"Round 2 Start."
Commentator :"Nur Rizki in to the ring and in the fast of light The Powerfull Punch launched and then the opponent has fall down."  Referee :"10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..K.O !!"
Boxer :"Yes, i did it coach thank you for your suggestion." Coach :"You are really a tr…

Kinan's Video

In their dialogue, Kinan act as Kinan and Gede act as Gede too. Kinan and Gede discussing about RBL Project. Kinan want a physic project but Gede want a Math Project. In the end, they make decision to do physic project.

The Expression of "offer & suggestion"
The expression of offer : "Math project is hard to make because there were no topic to discuss, why we dont use physic subject for our RBL project ?"
The expression of suggestion : "We should do math project."